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Previous Explorers to Our Hollow Earth

Olaf Jansen and his father

Olaf Jansen was born October 27th, 1811 and was nineteen years old when he and his father set on their yearly fishing trip between April and June of 1829.

After having a successful trip the year before, Olaf's father expressed the hope that "this time we might again be fortunate enough to load our little fishing-sloop with ivory, instead of cod, herring, mackerel and salmon".

Leaving Stockholm and arriving in Franz Josef Land, Olaf's father declared that, "There was a tradition that still farther northward was a land more beautiful than any that mortal man had ever known, and that it was inhabited by the 'Chosen.'.". They decided to forge on and find this incredible place!

After escaping a fierce storm and perilous icebergs they sailed smoothly for eleven days, always in what seemed to be a northerly direction. Thirsty, they noticed that they were in fresh water and refilled their drinking casks.

Around the 1st August the sea grew calm and they saw what they assumed was a reflection of the sun or a planet, except that it never moved. A few days later they reached the shores of a mighty river, which further carried them inland for another ten days. Along the banks were great forests, with gigantic trees, that stretched for miles.

It was about the 1st of September when they heard singing voices and sighted a huge ship coming down the river towards them. "It was a larger ship than any we had ever seen, and was differently constructed", Olaf would later declare.

"The immense craft paused, and almost immediately a boat was lowered and six men of gigantic stature rowed to our little fishing-sloop. They spoke to us in a strange language. We knew from their manner, however, that they were not unfriendly. They talked a great deal among themselves, and one of them laughed immoderately, as though in finding us a queer discovery had been made. One of them spied our compass, and it seemed to interest them more than any other part of our sloop."

To read the complete story of this expedition into Our Hollow Earth you can visit the website The Smoky God Or A Voyage to the Inner World by Willis George Emerson or you can purchase the paperback Smokey God at

Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd

Rear-Admiral Byrd (1888-1957) of the US Navy was a distinguished pioneer aviator and polar explorer who made the first flight over the North Pole on 9 May 1926 and then led numerous exploratory expeditions to the Antarctic, including the first flight over the South Pole on 29 November 1929.

Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd found the entrance to Our Hollow Earth during his 1947 flight, as described in Amadeo Giannini's 1959 book, Worlds Beyond the Poles.

Giannini wrote, "This United States Navy's polar exploratory force was preparing to embark upon one of the most memorable adventures in world history. Under the command of Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd, U.S.N., it was to penetrate into land extending beyond the North Pole supposed end of the Earth ... As the hour approached for the air journey into the land beyond, Admiral Byrd transmitted from the Arctic base a radio announcement of his purpose, but the announcement was so astonishing that its import was lost to millions who avidly read it in the press headlines throughout the world...The words of the message were momentous: 'I'd like to see that LAND BEYOND the Pole."..."That area BEYOND the Pole is THE CENTER OF THE GREAT UNKNOWN!"

Subsequently, "...the admiral and his airplane crew accomplished a physical flight of seven hours duration in a northerly direction beyond the North Pole. Every mile and every minute of that journey beyond was over ice, water, or land that no explorer had seen...As progress was made beyond the Pole point, there was observed directly under the plane's course ice less land and lakes, and mountains where foliage was abundant. Moreover, a brief newspaper account of the flight held that a member of the admiral's crew had observed a monstrous greenish-hued animal moving through the underbrush of that land beyond the Pole."

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