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Steve Currey's Expedition Company

The Best... and Nothing Else!

It all began in 1958 with Steve's father, Jack Currey, when he built balsa wood rafts to float the San Juan in Southern Utah. From that point, Jack Currey decided that rubber army surplus rafts were much better and did not soak up as much water as the balsa wood rafts.

After a few trips, river guides realized that the Neoprene Rubber rafts needed bailing after every big rapid and at times the raft's rubber floor would tear on sharp razor-edged rocks.

One such occasion on a challenging section of a difficult river, a Currey guide accidentally tore the entire rubber floor out his raft, leaving a suspended wood floor hanging from the boat frame.

The accident enabled the raft to self-bail itself through the entire white water expedition, giving the passengers a dry, a safe, and a comfortable ride.

Thus, river rafting history was made with introduction of the first self-bailing rowing raft that has since revolutionized the river rafting industry.

From the experience on the San Juan river with balsa wood rafts, the Currey's have built the largest and the safest river running company in the world.

Over the past 30 years, Steve Currey expanded his business and has taken over 1/4 million satisfied guests on national and international River expeditions, Fly Fishing excursions, Sea Kayaking adventures and Treks through some of the most beautiful countries in the world!

Become one of those satisfied customers as you, your family, or your friends have the greatest adventure of your life!

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