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The Russian IceBreaker YAMAL

Voyage on the world's most powerful Ice Breaker!

With a displacement of 23,000 tons, 75,000 total horsepower and an armour steel icebreaker hull no less than 48mm thick, the Yamal is among the world's most powerful and sophisticated ships. Designed as a working vessel to keep shipping lanes open along Russia's Northern Sea Route, the Yamal is more than capable of rising to the challenge of the heaviest ice. The ship is a model of technology - and of passenger comfort. One of five icebreakers in this class operated by the Murmansk Shipping Company, the Yamal has taken adventurous travelers to the North Pole since 1993.

Cruise ship style accommodations

The vessel accommodates passengers in 50 first-class outside cabins and suites, all with private facilities and large windows, as well as a desk, television and other comforts. Public areas include a large dining room (accommodating all passengers in one sitting), library, lounge, theatre-style auditorium, volleyball court and gymnasium, heated indoor swimming pool and sauna. Views are excellent from the Navigation Bridge (where we are almost always welcome) and there are large open decks on several levels. The Yamal also has a good polar library and a small infirmary.

Experienced staff, officers and crew

Our icebreaker is staffed by an experienced crew of 150, including 50 officers and engineers. With the world's largest and most modern fleet of icebreakers, the Russians are recognized experts in polar operations. The voyage is directed by a Western expedition leader and highly-qualified staff chosen for their local knowledge and experience.

European cuisine

European master chefs present an excellent and varied international menu with fine provisions from around the world. A combination of European and experienced Russian staff will serve you aboard. The popular bar is stocked with your favorite spirits, wines and champagnes.

Helicopter and Zodiac excursions are available

Essential for navigation in the ice, the Yamal carries a helicopter for reconnaissance - which we also use for passenger excursions. The helicopter takes us on sightseeing flights and transports us to inland sites and otherwise inaccessible shores. Seeing the polar landscape from the air - and our ship crashing through ice several meters thick - is a unique feature of this expedition. In addition, the Yamal carries Zodiac landing craft which we may use if ice conditions allow.

The Latest in High-Tech

With 75,000 horsepower, a thick armour of steel plate and a double hull designed specifically for ice breaking, the Yamal is one of the few surface ships to have ever reached the North Pole. Icebreaking is assisted by an air-bubbling system which delivers hot water through jets beneath the surface of the ice, as well as a polymer coating over the hull and the ability to quickly move ballast water. Ice may be broken while moving ahead or astern.

The vessel is driven by three propellers, each with four seven-ton blades. Its two nuclear reactors, which provide the steam for propulsion, are encased in 160 tons of steel, high density concrete and water. Double vacuum stills produce five tons of fresh water per hour. Our vessel is also equipped with the latest satellite navigation and communication equipment including telephone, fax and e-mail facilities.


Length: 150m / 490.62ft
Breadth: 30m / 98.12ft
Draft: 11.08m / 36.24ft
Displacement: 23000
Propulsion: Two steam turbines driving
6 generators,
75.000 total hp
Cruising Speed: 20 knots
Range: Approx. 4 years
Crew: 150
Passengers: 100
Registry: Russia

Deck 4
Yamal Deck 4

Deck 3
Yamal Deck 3

Deck 2
Yamal Deck 2

Deck 1
Yamal Deck 1

Bow Deck
Yamal Bow Deck

Standard Cabin Mini Suite Suite

   The Yamal is registered in Russia by the Murmansk Shipping Company

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